"Don't be alarmed: it's not a hallucination. It's called the Truth Booth, and it's a 25-foot tall, 400-pound art installation in the shape of  a thought bubble that its creators claim will elicit more genuine responses to the evening's political wrangling then will be found in the various spin-rooms that invariably crop up around a national debate." — by Brent Lang, Yahoo!

"Those in search of truth will love The Truth Booth at the Absolut Festival Gallery in Galway Shopping Centre. In the giant inflatable video booth people can record their responses to the question: what is truth? Vent at leisure." — Alanna Gallagher, The Irish Times

"One of the highlights of the festival, 'Truth'..." — John Fallon, The Irish Independent

"Farmers, if you have something to get off your chests, then enter The Truth Booth. The inflatable studio is heading for the Ploughing Championships in Athy next week, having already spent time at Lisdoonvarna and at the Galway Arts Festival. The idea is simple – you sit inside and talk to the camera about the truth and what it means to you. The Arts Council-funded contraption has already logged 1,800 truths, with love and politics topping the list of truths people want to talk about..." — Deirdre McQuillan, The Irish Times Magazine


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